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"What can I say but "Outstanding!" AnswerSmart has come through for me again and again. They have rescued me from the revolving door of bookkeepers and technology people I had previously lived with. I am very happy with their service."
Donald Chew, Miami, FL


"The AnswerSmart Accounting Expert did such a dynamite job on vetting my possible candidates that I narrowed it down to two great people and hired both! Thank you AnswerSmart for giving me my sanity back!"
Dorothy Jacobs , Boston, MA

Reference Checking Services

AnswerSmart™ offers a full suite of reference checking services all of which are implememnted by our experts who understand the subtle cultural nuances of that particular domain!

AnswerSmart™ Experts can listen between the loines and uncover the questions the reference would rather not answer. It is often these subtle cues that only an expert in that field could pick up on that can mean the difference between a to candidiate and a B player.

If you have a circumstance where you need to check references for a current or future employee then please call us today at 877-883-8324 or click on appropriate link below.

All AnswerSmart™ Refernce Checking Experts are experienced, mature professionals who take the time to understand exactly what you need now and in the future. They have been through the selection and candidate selection process as well as the talent development process in their prospective fields many times and understand completely that you can not afford to get it wrong. They are not only capable and ready to dig deep into whatever areas that may need to be probed in a reference but also to look for skills, talents, and experience you may not even know are important for that role as it develops over time.

Through our offering of Reference Checking Services AnswerSmart™ takes the vaguaries out of reference evaluation and allows you to know that vif there was somethgint worth uncovering - it was uncovered.

If you have a position for which you need to carefully check freferences and you are not quite certain your team can adequately do the job or if you are tired of listening to artfully evasic reference answers that don't really tell you anything useful, then give AnswerSmart™ a call today. Receive a Free estimate by calling 877-833-8324 today and experience the difference a true domain expert can make.

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