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"The AnswerSmart marketing expert that works for me is really good. I was going through a marketing person every 6 months until my Expert showed me how to write the right job description and helped me to separate the wheat from he chaff. I can't believe how good my new guy is and I would never have spotted him from the pile of resumes I was buried under."
Mary Camacho, Los Angelos, CA


"The AnswerSmart Accounting Expert did such a dynamite job on vetting my possible candidates that I narrowed it down to two great people and hired both! Thank you AnswerSmart for giving me my sanity back!"
Dororhy Jacobs , Boston, MA

It Pays To Be An Expert

All of the 20 million small businesses that exist in the US lack the expertise to evaluate candidates or providers in certain areas of specialty. Wether in Sales, matketing, technology, Accounting or any other area, they don't even know what they don't know. This lack of deep intuitive knowledge leads them to hire and propmote people with inappropiate skills and experience into key roles. The frustration and cost that results is a huge problem for these organizations which often seem inable to get past that next benchmark. They are stuck and only the right people in the right jobs can free them from this churn.

You are the solution! By putting these businesses in touch with our growing network of domain experts they no longer have to suffer from guess work and trial and error. With you to create the right job description, asses and rank their file of resumes and then evaluate their candidates' skills they can finally start making smart choices.

Here's our Philosophy:

You are paid for each brief project you peform for an AnswerSmart Client. You are paid quickly and transparantly.

AnswerSmart™belives in long term partnerships with experts. We have built a simple and proven system that allows for relationships that are win/win scenarios. We provide training and supporting collateral materials to make the effort workable into your existing life and schedule. We look forward to exploring how an expert partnership could work for you.

Apply as an Expert Today and Start Earning!

Call AnswerSmart™ today to find out more at 877-883-8324, Ext 707. If you have any questions or would like to inquire in person regarding these Opportunities then call AnswerSmart™ today at (877) 883-8324. We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

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