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How AnswerSmart On-Demand Skills Assessment Works

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DUPLICATE CONTENT: Simply fill out a one page form about the job requirements.
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Avoid costly mishires

The right technical expertise can really move your business forward. But hiring someone without the requisite skills to fill one of these critical roles can be disastrous and costly. AnswerSmart assesses your candidate's technical skills through qualitative skills-based interviews, so you can hire with confidence.

Technical Experts

AnswerSmart has over 25,000 experts in a wide variety of technical fields, including accounting, programming, database engineering, marketing, graphic design, legal, financial, and sales. Each expert is qualified to conduct detailed skills-assessment interviews with your technical candidates, and ask the probing questions that uncover strengths as well as red flags or weaknesses. AnswerSmart is like having a trusted friend who has years (or decades) of experience in the technical area you are hiring.